Vintage 70s quilting book

Mid-70s quilted fashion

My name is Elizabeth and I'm a 70s sewing book addict. I can't remember where I picked up this one but it's one of the best vintage quilting books I've come across - mainly because it has a whole section on quilted clothes and accessories. Woweee...

Vintage 70s quilting book with quilted sleeveless jacket

Published in 1974 - a great year for design! This is chockablock with how-tos on different quilting techniques and has some amazing experimental and very 70s quilts - as well as the fashion chapter which is a mine of inspiration, including a pattern for this dreamy sleeveless satin jacket...

Vintage 70s quilting book with satin sleeveless jackets

There are not quite enough colour pages for my liking, but some of the illustrations more than make up for that...

Vintage 70s quilting book with DIY quilted jacket

Loving this jacket design with quilting on a striped base fabric... here's a close-up:

Vintage 70s quilting book with striped quilted jacket

Some more quilted clothing ideas - love the squishy looking quilted hem on that long coat dress...

Vintage 70s book with quilted clothing and fashion drawings

Also, feast your eyes on this 3D velvet stars quilt - it doesn't get much more 70s than that!

Vintage 70s quilting book with velvet 3D quilt 

(I'm struggling to find a credit for this work of art - I will update this if and when I do)

Quilting Technique, Design and Application by Eirian Short (Batsford, 1974)


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