midcentury swedish embroidery from vintage sewing book, Hemslöjdens Handarbeten

Midcentury Swedish Embroidery

This sweet 1954 Swedish sewing book, Hemslöjdens Handarbeten by Maja Lundbäck, Gertrud Ingers and Eva Ljungkvist is one of my all-time favourites.

Vintage Swedish sewing book Hemslöjdens Handarbeten

At first, I couldn't understand any of the text but a bit of googling revealed that Hemslöjden is the 100+-year-old National Association of Swedish Handicraft Societies and this is part 2 of its hand sewing (Handarbeten) guide or directory from 1954.

Despite not being able to actually read it, I love this book for the images, which are incredible from the cover onwards - not least this embroidered piece on red wool...

Midcentury Swedish embroidered panel


Here are some more of the beautiful colour plates within:

Midcentury Swedish embroidered cushion

 1950s midcentury Swedish embroidery

The black and white pages aren't bad either:

Midcentury vintage 1950s Swedish embroidery craft book


I found my copy 10+ years ago at Greenwich Clocktower market in London, but it's quite easy to find an edition online if you'd like to check it out for yourself.

Many of my recycled tablecloth tops are made from beautifully hand-embroidered fabrics - I love to preserve the exquisite work(wo)manship and give these but once-commonplace domestic textiles a new life out of their musty cupboards! Check out my range of tops and shirts here...

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