black and white vintage book about laundry from the 60s

☁️ How do I launder my A Circular Story garment?

Washing instructions will be supplied with each garment but as a general rule, cotton (not silk) tablecloth tops can either be gently hand washed or machine washed on a cool 30° cycle, as can cotton dresses, cotton quilted jackets and body warmers. Silk tops need a cool hand wash. I always recommend air drying  - ideally outside if the weather is fine. Do not tumble dry!  Hand quilted items should not be washed but dabbed with a damp cloth, or very occasionally dry cleaned.


☁️ Will my item look like something manufactured?

Probably not. All A Circular Story clothes are one-offs, made from reclaimed fabrics and, as such, may come with marks, spots and mends, which are all part of its story. I carefully launder each piece of fabric before using it and identify any imperfections. Any marks that don't come out at the washing stage are avoided when cutting out or incorporated into the design, if I feel they enhance it. I will flag up any idiosyncrasies in the descriptions and close-up photos, so please look at all the images and read carefully.


☁️ I have some fabric I'd like made into a top, can you make me something?

Yes I do, currently. If you'd like to discuss a commission, just send me a message and we can have a chat about your requirements, timings, price etc. Generally speaking, I offer custom shirts and jackets in S-M and M-L and not made to measure but I am happy to discuss interesting projects/collaborations etc.


☁️ I would like to learn how to quilt or sew, do you teach classes at all?

Occasionally, yes I do. Please see my workshops page or sign up to my mailing list for the latest dates. I can also teach private one-to-ones or groups - get in touch if you would like to find out more about that.


☁️ Where do you source your fabric?

Well that would be telling! I'm constantly trawling charity shops, junk shops and car boot sales - it's an addiction! - and people often kindly give me bags of fabric when they're having a clear-out. I also volunteer at an amazing textile recycling place called the Scrap Store in Ramsgate, run by a charity, and I find lots of interesting bits in there. 


☁️ Do you make your own patterns?

Yes. I drafted the patterns for my favourite shirt and jacket and use these constantly, changing small details depending on the fabric I'm using. I also collect vintage patterns (favourite era late 70s/early 80s), which are a never-ending source of inspiration. I often use these as a starting point for new designs, tweaking and adapting them as required.