A note on sizing

⚡️As a general rule, I try to make my clothes as size-inclusive as possible.

⚡️A Circular Story is all about comfort and practicality (as well as style), so I don't go in for fitted shapes. I like to keep things boxy, loose and even a little oversized.

⚡️However, sometimes I come across a piece of fabric I want to use that is just quite small and this obviously affects the size of pattern I can cut from it.

⚡️Some garments are described as 'one size' - this doesn't mean they will fit absolutely everyone of course, I just mean the item will work on a range of different sized people.

⚡️I always include measurements in every description, usually with the garment laying flat on the table. I try to include all helpful dimensions so you can compare with something you already own that fits you well, but if in doubt, send me a message - I'm always very happy to help with any fit queries you may have.

⚡️If you would like to request something in a specific size, that's another reason to contact me! Honestly I would love to hear from you and will do my best to respond straight away :-)